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Blocking Domain Ownership Information Could Harm Your SEO Work

Blocking Domain Ownership Information Could Harm Your SEO Work

When registering a new domain, some people choose to use services which block domain ownership information. There are a number of reasons for doing so. One reason for blocking domain ownership information is that the persons purchasing the domain may wish to maintain a level of privacy.

But the drawback of privacy is that privacy is tantamount to anonymity, and in the world of search engine optimisation, if you’re striving for anonymity you’re guaranteed to have search engine alarm bells ringing.

When registering your domain, if you choose to use services which block domain ownership information, search engines are likely to perceive you to be spam. It goes without saying that this will drastically affect your SEO performance; and not in a good way.

If you are transparent with your information you send a clear signal that you are a legitimate entity and you stand a better chance of ranking well within search result listings. But the benefits of transparency don’t stop there, because by releasing address and contact information, both by publishing it on your own website and attempting to have it listed within others, you are helping to establish yourself as a pure business entity and are far more likely to feature prominently in natural search listings and localised search listings.

If you’re hiding information by serving a blocking message, you’re sending out the message that you have something to hide and this will only serve to raise suspicion against you and your site.

A method you might consider, to protect your privacy without jeopardising your reputation is practicing a little craftiness and registering a domain in the name of a child, relative or even a pet. That was you’re unlikely to incur the wrath of the search engines and still able to rank well within relevant search listings, without dishing out too much of the information you hold dear.

It wouldn’t make a great deal of sense to follow a variety of SEO principles, pour blood, sweat and tears into a campaign and then fall short for a reason as nonsensical as your being confused with spam.

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