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Optimise your Blog Post Title Tags Independently from your Blog Title

Optimise your Blog Post Title Tags Independently from your Blog Title

We have already discussed how the regular updating of a blog can work wonders for enhancing your site’s Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, but if you aren’t optimising your title tags independently from your blog title, you aren’t optimising to the max.

Of course, like much of a website, good blog title design work tries to appeal to both of the two key website audiences, the user and the search engine robot. A snappy, short but sweet title might entice the human reader in and help them to choose your blog entry over your myriad competitors, but may miss out on crucial keyword content that results in it being out of favour with search engines.

If you find yourself on page 10 of the search result listings, the snappiest post title in the world isn’t likely to demand much attention or clicks, if any at all.

Optimising your general blog title, and adding great, original, relevant, keyword rich content won’t hurt your SEO performance, but optimising your post title tag independently from your blog title will provide exposure to other keyword potential and search engine possibilities, plus adds to the amount of refreshed and relevant copy bolstering your site in the eyes of the search engine.

The secret of good SEO is to cover all the bases, and inserting useful keyword rich content into any of the page’s outlets. One such outlet is the post title tag. When combined with frequent, useful content and other useful design features such as meta title, SEO friendly post title tags can prove useful as part of a successful search engine campaign.

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