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Linkbaiting is Good Content for SEO

Linkbaiting is Good Content for SEO

It is a term which seems to carry negative connotations but the process of linkbaiting, or the generation of content designed to attract attention and encourage other to link to the site, can greatly enhance your Search Engine Optimisation Strategy.

Linkbaiting content is any material which demands attention from other web users and inspires them to link to the site. Both the quality and quantity of incoming links to a site are metrics used by a search engine ranking algorithm to determine a website’s rank within a set of search results. So, any content you can produce a range of links is clearly good for that element of an SEO campaign.

There a variety of popular forms of link bait.

• Informational hooks are created to provide useful information, from tips or tricks or personal experience which will benefit others and encourage the creation of inbound links.

• News hooks provide fresh new information on a topical matter which obtain citations and links as news spreads.

• Humour hooks are a very potent way to entice link building as a humorous image or something similar can spread like wildfire throughout a workforce, family, friend circle and beyond.

• Tool hooks are useful programs or apps that people recommend to others.

• Widget hooks are badges or tools that can be embedded outside of your website, within another, but include links back to your site.

• Unique content hooks are generating when a third party requests unique content from you and this content contains a link back to your site. Since it is necessary for good SEO that on site content be unique, the production of this content is a popular service among bodies who do not wish to create their own content or are unable to do so.

• Curated hooks feature content which links out to other websites by citing them as resources and naturally attract high volumes of linkers.

Whichever brand of link bait you choose to pursue it is important to remember to make it as attention grabbing as possible. They say no publicity is bad publicity, and this is pretty much true of the linkbaiting game. Get people talking about your content online, encourage people to share the link with their peers, watch the interest swell and your search engine performance accelerate.

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