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Good SEO Means Giving Each Page a Focus Keyword or Key Phrase

Good SEO Means Giving Each Page a Focus Keyword or Key Phrase

Images aren’t helpful to your Search Engine Optimisation strategy and this is no secret. But we all love great images on our site and a world wide web without pictures would be a frightfully dull world wide web indeed.

Once we have successfully drawn a user onto our page we want them to enjoy it and find it useful, and from a user facing point of view images are a vitally important element of the page. The issue with images and search engine optimisation is that the search engines cannot read images, only text. This means that a site littered with the best images, but no relevant text, won’t be picked up by the search engines, while decidedly more dull pages with very healthy keyword rich content will do very well.

One proven, successful solution is to generate captions to accompany your images, much like you would see in a newspaper print, or news media website. This accompanying caption will be visible to the search engines and won’t do anything to harm or deter from the visual aesthetic of the page.

Simply ensure that these captions are rich with relevant keywords and they will successfully contribute to the volume of relevant content on the page. If you are able to introduce some original, quality, keyword rich body of content, along with any image captions, titles, anchor text and more, you should be successful in including more than enough written content on the page without necessarily bogging down a good looking page with too much cumbersome text.

We’re not talking about War and Peace here. Just enough juicy, keyword rich text to suck in the search engines and shoot up the results rankings.

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