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Improve SEO with your CEO

Improve SEO with your CEO

Search Engine Optimisation efforts can benefit greatly through a regularly updated blog.

A blog is an easy way to frequently freshen the content on your site, and regularly updated content relevant to your major keywords or key phrases is SEO gold. Of course another of the predominant search engine optimisation criteria is popularity. If a search engine sees that a particular relevant site is visited considerably more than another site with similar keyword relevance, the search engine will likely rank the more popular site above the other relevant site as its popularity is seen to be an indication of the sites value as a resource to the user.

So, our job is to not only create a blog and contribute as regularly as possible, but also to make that blog as enticing as possible and draw real numbers in take a look. One way that a business can improve the popularity of a company blog is to get the CEO blogging.

CEO influence on a blog can have an invaluable effect on the potency of the feed, as the CEO is seen as the voice of the company; their thoughts and opinions hold more water with their audience and will draw in a larger readership. This in turn improves the company’s search engine optimisation.

Another similar boon to the sites SEO is to have the CEO respond to user comments personally. This direct interaction with a major company figure is immensely attractive to your followers and will cause the credibility of your blog and site as a whole to skyrocket.

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