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SEO is improved by Giving Your Images Context

SEO is improved by Giving Your Images Context

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a process which relies heavily on the proper application of keyword rich, relevant and descriptive original text. This makes sense given that search engine users type words into the search engine in the first place and it is these words that the search engine crawlers root out.

Having a site plastered with the most glorious images that the eyes will ever be lucky enough to see, won’t help you at all to appear in the search listings for a relevant keyword topic. If you want to be represented within the search results for a particular range of keywords, the only way to do so is to use search engine optimisation techniques focussing upon these keywords and key phrases. Even image searches are performed using keyword sets.

But let’s face it, we’re not in the 90’s anymore and nobody wants to visit a site and be greeted by unforgiving columns of text and absolutely nothing else. Thankfully, you needn’t sacrifice all of the fantastic images on your site in order to improve your SEO performance; it is simply recommended to improve the context and relevance of these images by supporting them with keyword rich, descriptive text.

Images can rank within relevant search engine results based on the keyword text that surrounds them on the page. So, in order for an image to demonstrate good SEO, think about applying a keyword relevant heading, caption or description to the image.

An internet without pictures would be a dull place to surf, but a picture without plenty of supporting text based context is unlikely to be found by a search engine user who isn’t already acquainted with your brand, company name or products.

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