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SEO Proof Your RSS Feed

SEO Proof Your RSS Feed

Search Engine Optimisation is most beneficial to you when the SEO ethos is adhered to across every element of your web presence. This includes your RSS feed.

An RSS feed is a way for customers and other interested parties to stay abreast of updates and new material published within any of your company websites, blogs and social media outlets without constantly visiting each individual location. They can do so by subscribing to your RSS feed instead and will then be immediately informed of any updates, changes or new publishing as and when it becomes available. But good search engine optimisation techniques are as important to the RSS feed itself as they are to your main site and all of your social media outlets.

By SEO proofing every facet of your online presence, you give yourself the very best chance of ranking highly within search results and being comprehensively represented in a relevant keyword search results list. Your RSS feed contains information on every new website post, every new blog article published and every new status update from a social media outlet.

For this reason, bolster your search engine optimisation performance by optimising your RSS feed titles and descriptions with descriptive, keyword rich text. By doing so, you are not just communicating directly with your RSS feed subscribers, you are also communicating with the search engines and hammering home your relevance to the keyword topic. This is tremendously important and can have a positive effect on your search engine performance.

Always ensure that titles and meta data are composed of descriptive, relevant and keyword heavy text; not only on your website, your blogs and your social pages, but even on your RSS feed.

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