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Improve SEO using Viral Marketing

Improve SEO using Viral Marketing

One of the most important elements of your Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, strategy should be the generation of inbound links to your site from other sites, preferably respected and popular sites as well as those relevant to your target keywords or key phrases.

One way to encourage the creation of links to your site is through intelligent viral marketing. Viral marketing is any phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message. There are a number of viral methods to encourage internet users to share links to your site with their peers.

One SEO benefitting method is to generate original content which users might choose to draw others attention to such as blog articles, videos, images of interest or more; attention grabbing materials that users want to tweet or message about and include on their own pages.

Another boon to your SEO performance is to boost your site’s popularity, relevance and usefulness by adding viral components to it. Viral components are elements which encourage web users to interact with the site. Examples of SEO bolstering viral components are website improvements such as reviews, sharing functions, ratings, visitor comments and more.

Whether you are hoping to bolster the performance of your companies main website or are perhaps trying to generate some interest and interaction in a newly formed blog, there are a number of simple yet effective viral marketing techniques which can transform your site from a little known, and difficult to locate location into a hub of activity and social interaction, which in turn is guaranteed to help your SEO performance.

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