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Enhance SEO for Video Content with a Video Sitemap

Enhance SEO for Video Content with a Video Sitemap

If your video content needs a major SEO (search engine optimisation) boost, and if the search engine crawlers aren’t rooting out your video, you are by no means alone. But there is a way to improve SEO, even for video content, and if you have the ambition of having your video rank highly in Google, there is one method more proven than another.

It is possible to create a video sitemap, after Google introduced support for video sitemaps; an expansion upon the original sitemap protocol, which helps to provide information about your site directly to Google.

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, benefits from a video sitemap by telling Google directly where the video content resides and what is contains. This helps the video content to be discovered by the search engine crawlers, making it fully searchable for related user searches. This is more important than ever, now that Google’s blended search results mean that high ranking video content can be included to front page general search results, and not simply the Google video listings.

A video sitemap aids your SEO work by tying your video content to the relevant metadata required to get it noticed by the search engines. Google crawlers cannot read video material, but a video sitemap allows you to present Google with text information indicating the duration and title of the video, as well as a keyword rich description which helps Google to properly index it.

As video becomes a more prominent internet marketing device, and also invades the general search engine results pages, a comprehensive video sitemap could make a world of difference to your SEO campaign.

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