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SEO Proof Your Video Content

SEO Proof Your Video Content

Search Engine Optimisation is extremely reliant upon the application of relevant keywords or key phrases, embedded within passages of quality, descriptive and unique text. While most of us might visit a particular website to enjoy the videos contained within it, those videos won’t help it to be rooted out by the search engine crawlers.

These complicated algorithms take the search words punched in by the user and scour the internet for these keywords or key phrases, then order their returns on the basis of relevance to these words, authenticity of the information, popularity of the site and a number of other criteria used to decide the ranking of each page.

For this reason it is crucial to your search engine optimisation campaign to accompany any video material with plenty of descriptive, keyword rich text because it is this body of content that the search engines rely on to ascertain the relevance of the video to the search criteria. It could be that the search engine user could benefit greatly from your video, and might even be looking for that video in particular but without keyword inclusive headings, descriptions and accompanying information the search engines cannot locate the information.

You cannot underestimate the value of relevant text content upon every page of your site if you are trying to improve search engine optimisation, because whilst it might not be as aesthetically pleasing to the user once they are on your page it is integral to the majority of users finding the site in the first place, by engineering the page to appear prominently within search results.

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