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Broaden Your Range of Services to Boost your SEO

Broaden Your Range of Services to Boost your SEO

So the age old search engine optimisation (SEO) quandary is the compromise between unique, keyword rich text content for the benefit of the search engines, and then everything else, which is why you need the search engines to find you in the first place, so that users can do just that: use your site. That’s the goal here. We’re all fighting for the number one place in a Google search for our chosen keywords, via better SEO, but we’re only optimising our search performance to optimise the number of users that land on our site. We’re doing it for the users.

If you want more users to find your site, and to inhabit it, give them more reason too. Don’t just provide a plethora of text based SEO bait for the search engines themselves. Instead, broaden your entire range of services to give the users more and more reasons to use your service. Introduce video, podcasts, news, blogs, social content and more, combining all of these various means to give the human users every reason to choose your site over a competitor. It doesn’t matter if your primary aim is to sell t-shirts; create a t-shirt podcast, viral videos, t-shirt messageboards, competitions and more. Not only does this provide you with more SEO bait to draw in potential buyers, it also gives you more SEO opportunities to rank within the search results. Thanks to Google’s blended search results, high ranking images, videos, news stories and more can appear in the first page of general search results and not just niche results (such as all news results, all video results or all image results).

Furthermore, from a perfectly relevant, non SEO point of view, once you have your target audience landing on your site, you want them staying there for as long as possible and not bouncing to another site straight away. You’ll succeed in this by giving them as much reason to stay as possible.

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