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Google Updates Privacy Policy Settings

Google Updates Privacy Policy Settings

Search engine giants Google have rolled out a brand new, streamlined privacy policy across all of its products and services.

The search engine had previously had a massive 60 individual privacy policies, for each of its multimedia services. On 1st March, all of these policies will be combined into one shared policy that will cover Google services such as Google Search, Gmail, YouTube and Google+.

The main changes will apply to users with Google accounts, and it is claimed that the united privacy policy will enable Google to provide its users with more relevant search results, and will allow advertisers to find their customers more easily.

Google has a number of services, including everything from email, video uploading and social networking, and of course the search engine where it all began.

Alma Whitten, director of privacy, product and engineering for Google, said: "we're rolling out a new main privacy policy that covers the majority of our products and explains what information we collect, and how we use it in a more readable way."

Google has been heavily criticised in the past for the way in which it handles and shares user data. In its previous attempt at a social networking platform, Buzz, Google had unwittingly revealed each user's most emailed contacts to other account holders.

The Federal Trade Commission has since come to an agreement with Google that will prevent it from unlawfully using personal information and sharing a user's data without their permission.

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