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Facebook App Attempts to Beat Cancer Before it Starts

Facebook App Attempts to Beat Cancer Before it Starts

Could the online community help to combat the worldwide cancer epidemic?

Two of the world’s leading cancer prevention groups are hoping so. That’s why in honour of Saturday’s World Cancer Day Stand Up for Cancer and the Union for International Cancer Control launched a Facebook app which they hope will generate a digital buzz to increase the fight against the disease.

With the Facebook World Cancer Day App, users are encouraged to commit to making a change in their life, or the life of a friend; a change to prevent cancer. Amongst the changes that the app suggests, you’ll find many of the commonplace behaviours many of us are already aware of, such as eating green vegetables, exercising regularly, reducing alcohol and cigarette intake as well as wearing sun tan lotion. Other options include helping a friend quit smoking, committing to learn more about cancer or donate money to cancer research.

The Facebook app, which was introduced along with multi channel video and social campaigns, will aim to raise awareness about behaviours which help to prevent cancer. The group claims that one in three cancer deaths could be prevented through these measures.

The app also allows you to make your pledge in honour of somebody you may have lost from the disease or somebody who has been affected in another way.

Last year, 67,000 Facebook users donated their status to World Cancer Day and the social media phenomenon continues to play its part in the battle with cancer.

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