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Facebook will Introduce Ads to Mobile Apps

Facebook will Introduce Ads to Mobile Apps

Android, iPad and iPhone users could see ads on their Facebook apps as soon as early March. This is due to the company’s aim to introduce an additional revenue source before going public.

Sources say that the social media giant has already liaised with various advertising agencies to discuss the matter. Facebook started its ‘sponsored stories’ campaign in December 2011. Featured stories will appear in your mobile news feed, much like the Twitter apps promoted tweets programme. This means that Facebook advertisements will mix in with posts from friends and relatives.

In Facebook’s paperwork for its Initial Public Offering, filed Feb. 1, the company pointed to mobile as a potential revenue source and even furthered that a lack of a mobile ad campaign could actually harm the company’s success. It is estimated that nearly half of Facebook’s 845 million users access the site via their mobile devices.

In a report published by the Financial Times a source said that Facebook would incentivise advertisers to link within Facebook rather than divert users to another site.

Facebook will hold an event for marketers in New York Feb. 29, so we can expect announcements of new ways they can use the social network. Facebook is yet to unveil Timeline brand pages, although that move is anticipated in coming weeks as Facebook rolls out Timeline for all users.

Would the appearance of ads on your mobile Facebook app discourage you from using it? Would you even notice? Let us know by adding to our comments section.

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