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Sky News Restricts Employees' Twitter Use

Sky News Restricts Employees' Twitter Use

Sky News has emailed all of its employees advising them of its new social media guidelines, which forbids the reposting of messages on Twitter from anyone who does not work for the broadcaster.

The email was sent to all Sky News employees on Tuesday, and outlines new policies which forbid reporters from retweeting posts from rival reporters on Twitter, or posting about issues not related to their professional activities.

An excerpt of the email, which has been seen by The Guardian newspaper, says: "Do not tweet when it is not a story to which you have been assigned or a beat which you work.

"Where a story has been Tweeted by a Sky News journalist who is assigned to the story it is fine, desirable in fact, that it is retweeted by other Sky News staff.

"Do not retweet information posted by other journalists or people on Twitter. Such information could be wrong and has not been through the Sky News editorial process."

Having gained a reputation as being at the forefront of digital developments, Sky News has used social media platforms such as Twitter to break news on worldwide events such as the Arab Spring uprising and the UK summer riots.

A spokeswoman for Sky News said yesterday: "Sky News has the same editorial procedures across all of their platforms including social media to ensure the news we report is accurate."

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