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Report Proves Social Media is Expanding but Facebook Still in Charge

Report Proves Social Media is Expanding but Facebook Still in Charge

Facebook reigns as king of the Social Media universe, but the competition is growing.

New social media platforms are consolidating large user demographics almost faster than they can be monitored as social media continues to expand, and is set to become the dominant form of online content; this according to a study from ComScore.

The report states that by the end of the year 2011 social media accounted for more than 16% of the total minutes of internet use combined.

While Facebook remains the largest social media entity and continues to grow, relative newcomers to the social media game are growing steadily too. Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+ are all securing a host of new users.

Twitter currently holds second place to Facebook in the popularity stakes after vying with LinkedIn throughout 2011 for the position. While the career driven site had held its own for a time, it ended the year with 33.5million unique visitors to a sum of 37.5million unique visitors on Twitter.

In the second half of the year Google+ drew 20.7million unique visitors, though it claims more than 90million accounts and Tumblr did ok too with 18.8 million. The biggest surprise of all, however, has to be Pinterest, which appeared out of nowhere in 2011 to secure 8million unique visitors; the majority of whom are women. All the more impressive is that Pinterest achieved this with the promotional power of Google’s network of products.

The ComScore report suggests that social media will overtake portals as the single most popular online activity in 2012.

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