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Yandex builds search engine for its Ukrainian users

Yandex builds search engine for its Ukrainian users

Yandex today introduced a customized search engine specifically for its Ukrainian users. Search queries that originate from the Ukraine, display results that prioritize Ukrainian web sites in their search results.

In addition, the Yandex search interface at www.yandex.ua has been translated into the Ukrainian language.

"Ukrainian Internet users are often seeking localized information," says Sergey Petrenko, CEO of Yandex.Ukraine. "We've built a Ukranian interface into the Yandex search tool, so that Ukrainian users can find more regional and relevant results. For instance, if Ukrainian users search for "elections", they'll find information about local Ukrainian elections".

The www.yandex.ua portal was launched in the fall of 2005. Today, there are over one million Ukrainians using Yandex services every week.

Yandex opened its development office in Kiev, Ukraine in May 2007, and the search customized specifically for Yandex Ukrainian users was its first product.

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