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How Does the Google +1 Button Affect Your SEO Strategy? Part 1

How Does the Google +1 Button Affect Your SEO Strategy? Part 1

Google describes its recent +1 button feature as a way of helping users to discover and share relevant content with people that they know and trust.

Google+ users were able to +1 different types of content, from Google search results, websites and ads. This approved content would then appear on the user’s Google+ profile in the +1 tab, in Google search results and on websites with a +1 button.

Since then, the search engine giant has also launched Search plus Your World allowing users to search information that is private and shared only to them, not the public world.

So how does +1 affect your company’s search engine ranking?

There is an indirect link between a +1 and your website’s search ranking, but this does not mean that the more +1’s you receive, the higher up the rankings you will ascend.

What it does mean is that when a user +1’s your content, he or she effectively gives it a stamp of approval. So if one of that user’s Google+ connections searches the same topic or a similar topic, they’ll be more likely to hit the same link because they can see that the link was +1’d by one or more of his connections.

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