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Facebook Would Have Been Designed for Mobile if Launched Today

Facebook Would Have Been Designed for Mobile if Launched Today

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg would probably have designed the social networking site for use on mobile phones rather than computers if he were to launch it today.

This is according to Facebook's Chief Technology Office Bret Taylor, who was speaking after his keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona this week.

Taylor said that Facebook "would have been a mobile application if the technology had been available when Mark Zuckerberg was building it in his dorm room."

Mobile platforms offer users a more natural experience of social networking, which Taylor says is why Zuckerberg would have focused on optimising Facebook for mobile.

Using Facebook on mobile allows users to share content quickly and more efficiently, as you are "permanently connected" to the site as long as you have your mobile device with you.

Accessing Facebook through mobile is rapidly becoming the most popular method of using the site. In Nigeria and South Africa, 90 per cent of Facebook activity was conducted on a mobile device, while in India, 30 per cent users signed up to Facebook through mobile.

Taylor said: "These devices are the best devices for Facebook. Now all the things that were already popular are much easier, from photosharing to posting a status update.

"Over time, it's pretty reasonable to expect that there will be a lot of things that are possible, that just aren't possible on laptops."

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