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Google+ Users Spent Less Than 5 Minutes On Site in January

Google+ Users Spent Less Than 5 Minutes On Site in January

Google+ trails Facebook by hours in terms of the time users spend on the site. This is according a new comScore report.

Users were on Google+ for an average of just 3.3 minutes, compared to 7.5 hours on Facebook. This represents a downward trend for the relatively new social network, with users on site for 4.8 minutes on site, and a further 5.1 minutes in November, according to the report.

The news follows Google’s own release of impressive Google+ growth stats. In a call with analysts last month, Google CEO Larry Page said Google+ had 90 million users compared to 40 million in October.

Google has, in the past, disputed third party reports about their social media site, pointing out a number of factors such as not tracking users who access the site remotely. The search engine giant is still placing a huge amount of effort into Google+. The company has, since January, integrated Google+ results into searches, with the "Google Plus Your World" program.

On the brighter side for Google+, Website-Monitoring report that recent research shows that Google+ is becoming less male dominated and is becoming increasingly popular in India. The nation now makes up a massive 13.9% of Google+ users.

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