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HitSearch comments on Google Account activity

HitSearch comments on Google Account activity

Google has this week revealed a brand new method of displaying the information it stores about its users.

All users who opt into the new Google Account Activity service will receive a monthly email with a password-protected report of how you have been spending your time on Google's services.

The sort of information that will be detailed in the Google Account Activity report include volume of emails sent and received, volume of search, and your most popular search terms for the month.

The move comes in response to Google's announcement earlier this month that they would be consolidating all of its various privacy policies into one single policy, that will cover activity across all of its products, including YouTube, Gmail and Blogger.

Although Google claims this move is designed to improve user experience, critic say it will allow them to create more detailed profiles of its users, thus enabling them to sell more advertising.

HitSearch Director Andrew Redfern commented: "Last year Google had over sixty different privacy policies in place, and its move this month to move to one practical manageable solution has been controversial to say the least, and so they are now doing all they can to directly address the issues that have been raised.

"This new feature shows you exactly how you have been directly interacting with users, with the obvious activity being Google searches, and the big advantage of the Google Account Activity dashboard is that users will be able to manage exactly what information they want to be shared with Google.

"The new streamlined single policy allows Google to share data across its whole raft of services, with a view to developing more targeted advertising techniques. I would expect these features to become more advanced in the coming months."

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