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Early Afternoon Social Media Posts Builds More Successful Campaigns

Early Afternoon Social Media Posts Builds More Successful Campaigns

If you are looking to develop a social media campaign, then you may want to consider the findings of a recent survey which found that early afternoon posts on social media sites are likely to generate the most activity.

A study conducted by URL shortening service Bitly looked at the amount of clicks on links generated by its service that were posted on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, and during which times of the day that these links saw the most activity.

They found that the optimum time for posting links on Twitter and Facebook was between the hours of 1pm and 3pm from Monday to Thursday. This can most likely be attributed to a lot of users checking their accounts during their lunch breaks.

However, when it comes to popular Tumblr posts, it was found that it is best to post in the evenings, with the majority of activity on Bitly links occurring between 7pm and 10pm, particularly on Friday evenings.

It was found that weekends were generally a poor time for social media posts, with the least activity occurring on these links over Saturday and Sunday.

Although these figures apply to the US and their various time zones, it is not unreasonable to assume that these guidelines can be just as easily adapted to suit the UK market.

Furthermore, posting outside of these suggested time slots may not be completely fruitless, as while you may not generate much traffic initially, you may benefit from "second chance" activity as tweets and posts are re-posted as people return to work and check their accounts on Monday morning, for example.

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