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Five Easy Ways for Small Businesses to Boost SEO and They’re Free

Five Easy Ways for Small Businesses to Boost SEO and They’re Free

Even the smallest online businesses can reap the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, whether they completely understand it or not. SEO involves a series of processes designed to improve your ranking within Google and allow you to appear higher in the search results for relevant customer demographics.

By following the 5 simple steps below, you can improve the visibility of your business online, and best of all, you won’t pay a penny to do it.

1. Keywords - Without researching keywords you are unlike to garner the best SEO performance. Targeting the keywords searched by your customer or client base is the ultimate SEO tool.

2. Content - Choose your keywords and optimise your site with original, relevant, keyword rich content. Beware, however, of spamming your site, by littering these keywords onto every page without relevant context and purpose.

3. WordPress - By using WordPress blogging software to manage the content on your site, you gain a major advantage in SEO terms. This incredibly SEO-friendly platform will help you to optimise your site and outperform arcane website platforms used by many small businesses.

4. Local Listing - Once your site is optimised for the relevant search terms, it is time to claim your Google Places business listing. Input your businesses basic information and contact details along with as detailed a description as possible. Google will favour as detailed a profile as possible, complete with images and customer reviews if possible.

5. Back Linking - While your local listing boosts your rankings in local results, it is possible to boost your natural search ranking with back links to your company site. Back linking methods include social bookmarking and content submitted to high ranking sites, which link back to your own. As well as providing a link, these processes add perceived value and relevance increasing your Google ranking.

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