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UK Businesses Should Engage Customers on Twitter in Light of New User Figures

UK Businesses Should Engage Customers on Twitter in Light of New User Figures

More than 10 million UK citizens are actively engaging with Twitter, according to figures released by the social media micro blogging site’s UK arm, and originally reported by web news service Mashable; and all 10 million users are regularly tweeting.

The announcement confirms the UK as having the fourth largest Twitter population, behind the United States, Japan and Brazil.

It means that around one in six Britons is signed into the social network; and of this number, about 80% view Twitter on a mobile device. This means that the UK has more mobile Twitter users than any other country. The global average of mobile Twitter users is closer to 55%.

It is news that should alert UK businesses to the power of Twitter, and its mobile application, as a means of engaging a core demographic of customers and clients.

In total, Twitter boasts 140 million users throughout the world, and among them they are responsible for around 340 million tweets per day. It makes Twitter one of the largest social networks in the world, but all the more impressive is the site’s year on year growth.

The Twitter UK office has been open for barely a year, making the recent user figures announcement all the more staggering.

Andy Redfern, Director of Hitsearch, said "Like all popular social internet channels, Twitter has become a rich commercial resource for businesses to promote their brand and engage with their customers. These latest user statistics prove beyond any doubt that the micro blogging phenomenon is a must for British businesses looking to expand their online reach."

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