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Britain Now Has 10 Million Twitter Users

Britain Now Has 10 Million Twitter Users

Britain now has over ten million Twitter users, it has been revealed.

According to new figures released this week, the UK has the fourth-largest number of users in the world, behind the USA, Brazil and Japan.

Since it launched six years ago, the social network, which allows users to post 140-character messages, has amassed over 140 million users from around the world.

The figures released this week suggest that, of all of Britain's users to have logged onto Twitter in the last month, around 80 per cent did so from their mobile device, highlighting the increasing popularity of smartphones.

Indeed, the foundations of Twitter were laid on the template of mobile phones, as a Twitter UK spokeswoman revealed that the service was originally set up in 2006 to work over SMS messaging, hence the 140-character limit.

The micro-blogging site has had an increasingly pivotal role in current affairs in recent years, providing instant and eyewitness accounts from events such as the Egypt revolution and the UK summer riots.

It has also been credited with improving the dynamic between celebrities and the general public, with the likes of Lily Allen, Stephen Fry and various professional footballers now frequently using Twitter. Indeed, Fry is the most popular UK-based Twitter user, with a follower count currently standing at around 4.3 million.

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