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Has Amazon UK been hit by Google Penguin?

Has Amazon UK been hit by Google Penguin?

Google has been keeping every SEO agency in the world busy during the first half of 2012 with the new Panda and more recently Penguin updates. There are many agencies that have been reporting their clients getting the dreaded notice from Google that they have been penalised for using paid links closely followed by a drop in traffic.

However it was a surprise whilst checking out competition that we discovered one of the giants of the online shopping world, Amazon UK, today has a Page Rank 0.

Could Amazon UK be one of the unfortunate sites that are mistakenly targeted by Google or is this just an update to the Google Page Rank system? Image below illustrates Amazon.co.uk's PageRank.

The Google Page Rank system has been wildly inaccurate for a number of years and Amazon is still ranking well for many large volume phrases in Google, however large scale drops in Page Rank are very unusual for large volume sites.

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