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Google Buyout of Motorola Mobility Approved

Google Buyout of Motorola Mobility Approved

Google has completed a multi-billion dollar buyout of US phone manufacturer Motorola Mobility this week.

Chinese government officials approved the takeover, on the condition that Google left its Android mobile software free to be used on other devices for up to five years.

The search engine giant's purchase represents their first major move into phone and tablet manufacturing, and the takeover has been valued at around $12.5billion, which makes it Google's biggest acquisition to date.

A leading manufacturer of smartphones, tablets and other devices, Motorola Mobility is credited with creating the very first cell phone. As part of the purchase, Google now has access to more than 17,000 of Motorola's most valuable patents.

Google chief executive Larry Page said that his company's acquisition of Motorola Mobility would enable the new business to produce "the next generation of mobile devices that will improve lives for years to come."

Writing in a blog post, Page said: "The phones in our pockets have become supercomputers that are changing the way we live. Motorola is a great American tech company that has driven the mobile revolution, with a track record of over 80 years of innovation."

This is a massive acquisition for Google, not just in monetary terms, as they look to secure patents in the mobile space – which could hinder the growth of other mobile providers. Furthermore, Google's activities point to a potential of consolidation in the mobile market in coming years.

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