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Facebook Working On a New Timeline Profile Design?

Facebook Working On a New Timeline Profile Design?

Facebook is thought to be testing a new streamlined version of its Timeline profile layouts, which has already been viewed by some users as the changes are tested on selected profiles.

Carl Franzen, a reporter from Talking Points Memo, was one of the first to noticed his Timeline appeared to look slightly different this week. The main alteration that can be seen is that a user's personal information (name, location, work, education, etc.) is now listed on top of the cover photo in white text, rather than in a separate box underneath the photo.

Other changes that have been made to the Timeline layout include a new "Summary" tab, listing all of your major life events, and the renaming your list of "Likes" as "Favourites". These, along with tabs for your photos, friends and locations are presented in a more streamlined fashion, in a bar sitting just under the cover photo.

A spokesperson for Facebook confirmed on Tuesday that the Timeline changes on the Beta site were "a small test", but that they had no further information on potential layout updates to reveal at this moment in time.

We know that Facebook likes to constantly chop and change its layout and features, and these new changes have probably been ordered in response to the criticism it has received from some quarters over the Timeline feature, which was launched towards the end of last year.

A poll conducted a month after the Timeline roll-out found that a massive 86 per cent of Facebook users did not like the new profile layout, with most saying it was overwhelming and too confusing to navigate.

The new changes certainly make the profile layout cleaner, and perhaps this will make it more user friendly, but will the Timeline tweaking stop there? Coming off the back of a difficult week for the social network, and the controversy surrounding its floatation on the stock market, Facebook needs to make sure they get this new Timeline design right, or risk further alienating its users.

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