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Yahoo Unveils Visual Search Results App

Yahoo Unveils Visual Search Results App

Declining search giant Yahoo has launched a brand new search app with visual results, in a bid to attract more users.

The app is called and presents search results as scrolling webpage previews instead of a list of links.

Axis is released as an app for Apple iPads and iPhones, and as a plug-in for web browsers. Touch screen devices allow users to swipe through a list of visual previews to find the search result that they want.

The app will also offer a list of trending search topics upon launch and will attempt to deduce which page previews are required by a search query and display them before the search query has been completed.

Another innovative feature of the all new search application is the ability for different devices to share bookmarks, partly-completed searches and a customised home page. Users can also share search results through Twitter, Pinterest and Email.

On Yahoo’s official blog, Ethan Batraski, special products management director said: "By supercharging the browser with a visually rich search experience and seamlessly connecting that experience across all of your devices, we are delivering an experience that will change the game.

"We decided to remove all the noise so you can focus on what you really want."

Initially available in US markets only, the app will become available in the UK, France and other marketplaces within the year.

Early reviews praise the Axis design and describe the search engine experience as convenient. But earlier attempts to introduce visual search results have failed to become popular, including sites like Oolone, Redz and Simploos.

Could the Yahoo Axis app succeed where these sites haven’t?

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