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Yahoo Axis: The Social Media Verdict

Yahoo Axis: The Social Media Verdict

Now that the brand new Yahoo search application, Axis, has launched in America, reactions have been rife amongst social media users and IT writers. So far the visually enhanced search experience has divided users; with many quick to laud the iOS app, but others less than impressed with the desktop plug in version.

As always, Twitter has been amongst the most active social media platforms on the topic; with tech blogs posting links to their reviews and many others tweeting their verdict in 140 characters.

Mashable was on the front line to explain that "Yahoo Axis Shines on iPad, an Afterthought on Desktop", while co-exec editor of All Things D, Kara Swisher, exclaimed "Good Lord, I Might Now Want to Use Yahoo Search Again".

Amongst the negative reviews were many which seemed more focussed on the app’s promotional materials, rather than the app itself; with one microblogger commenting that "Yahoo axis video looks so similar to an Apple video. Style. Dress. Music. Cuts. iPhone. Except the icon. That's from Adobe. Ridiculous."

In general, the technology blogs offered favourable reviews to the new swipeable visual search application, but many consumers had difficulties downloading the web browser plug-in. Tweets included "Unable to download Yahoo Axis for Desktop #fail" and "Note to Yahoo! Axis developers - the link to download your brand new browser w/ new tech is broken on the download page."

But not everybody experience trouble with the browser; Google+ users explaining that the web browser was "Impressive, I hope yahoo managers don't mess up this time. The best tech company with the worst management." But this sentiment was tempered by the feelings of other who though the new tech was "Interesting but I doubt I'll change from Chrome. It’s a good move but many years late" and "I've tried the Chrome extension and it's fairly good on the desktop."

Andrew Redfern, Director of Hitsearch, added "This product is fantastic and is the best browser by far for the iPad; Nothing comes close and demonstrates the great work Yahoo! do with new innovations. More of this please, Yahoo!"

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