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How Does the Google Adwords Auction Insights Report Enable Smarter Search Ad Strategies?

How Does the Google Adwords Auction Insights Report Enable Smarter Search Ad Strategies?

When developing a search advertising campaign, it can be tremendously helpful to understand what other advertisers are doing. This intelligence can suggest ways in which to improve and optimise your search advertising strategy and gain a better rate of return for your work.

In recognising the demand for such information, Google has unveiled the Adwords Auction Insights report.

Until the Auction Insights report is launched, advertisers can utilise the impression share information within campaign and ad group reports. This shows the impressions their campaign received against the estimated number of impressions for which the ad was eligible. In itself, this is certainly useful information, offering insight into the campaign’s aggregate number of missed opportunities. But this also raises a number of questions in itself.

Who else competed in auctions for these opportunities, and can more detailed performance information be obtained?

The Auction Insights report allows you to compare your rankings with those of other advertisers competing for the same search terms as you. Google provides a figure for the number of times your ad appeared ahead of your competitors and how often your ad appeared compared to their based upon the figure of estimated impressions.

With this greater level of insight, paid search advertisers can make more informed decisions about bids, budgets and keyword choices, by analysing the areas of their PPC strategy which are successful and those which are not.

Providing data at a keyword level, the Auction Insights report provides five statistics: impression share, average position, overlap rate, position above rate and top of page percentage.

This data can only provided for keywords which meet a minimum threshold of activity and reports can be generated one keyword at a time if one so wishes.

Andrew Redfern, Director of Hitsearch said: "The information provided in the new Auction Insights report could prove invaluable in optimising the performance of PPC campaigns and allowing advertisers to strengthen their position in underperforming keyword areas".

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