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New Domain Name Applications Revealed

New Domain Name Applications Revealed

Applications for new internet address endings have been revealed to the public by the global organisation coordinating the expansion.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) released the full list of submissions for new internet top-level domain names, with requests that included .bbc, .ninja, .sex, .home and .diy; and several of these have been requested by more than one party.

Such instances of competition could result in an auction process.

American drugmaker Merck & Co faces competition from its German rival Merck KGaA for the domain name .merck, but other companies have been more fortunate.

One such company is Nominet, the .uk manager, which appears likely to secure .wales and .cymru after no other body filed the same claim. Similarly the Dot Scot Registry was the only organisation to apply for .scot and the League of Arab States the only body to claim .arab.

The most contested name of all is .app which received 13 applications. Other popular endings included .porn and .music. A total of 8 organisations have requested the top level domain name .music including Google and online retailer Amazon.

Search giant Google is one of the most active participants in the application process, having requested dozens of generic top-level domain (gTLD) name endings. Google applications ranged from the expected, including .google and .youtube, to the less than expected, including .as, .boo, .dad and .new.

Several large organisations had objected to the bidding process. These groups included Samsung, who still applied for .samsung and the Korean alphabet equivalent, along with Coca-Cola and Kellogg’s who did not participate.

Icann has invited anybody with an objection to any claim to lodge their complaint within the next seven months and aims for the first batch of all new gTLDs to be in place by March 2013.

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