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Google+ 5 Reasons for your Business to Get Involved

Google+ 5 Reasons for your Business to Get Involved

Whilst its highly publicised inception has not yet threatened the social media stronghold of Facebook, Google+ remains a fast growing network which could pay marketing dividends if your company chose to get on board.

Since Google currently monopolises the search industry, Google+ cannot be ignored. Participation could have a positive impact on your business’s online visibility.

Here we’ll identify 5 of the major reasons to get involved in Google+ and the potential benefits of doing so.

Priority Search Result Ranking

The past year has seen the Google engine undergo a number of changes. One such change too place in January 2012 when Google announced the introduction of Search plus Your World which would make search more personal and relevant to the user and would also give prominent rankings to other Google+ users.

This is a major development, providing your business with a valuable SERP ranking above competitors and high ranking sites which do not participate in Google+. By getting involved, you could enjoy much greater SERP visibility and create strong connections with relevant networks in order to target personalised, relevant audiences; in turn providing a conversion rate boost.

Reaching the Google+ Customer Base

Wherever a social network grows, businesses will find people, and when you can target the right people you find yourself a customer base. Google has previously reported over 170 million users joining the fledgling social network and that is a lot of potential customers that you’re missing out on if you do not have a Google+ page.

It is crucial that businesses of any size take advantage of as many free networking and promotional opportunities as possible. The aim of the gain is to achieve the maximum level of cost effective exposure for your brand and that means taking advantage of as many avenues through which for customers and potential customers to interact with the company. This personal connection creates commercial relationships which are more likely to last.

Google Hangouts

The new Google Hangout feature currently allows as many as ten people to participate in a live video chat, allowing Google+ users to engage more actively in discussions. Google Hangouts offer the opportunity to lead classes, focus groups, presentations and hold meetings online. This allows your business to present a personal connection and put a face on their company interactions.

Connect with customer and affiliates on a more personal level and present your company as an industry authority, using your Google Hangouts to host presentations Q&A sessions and much more.

Easy Set-Up

It is possible to set up a Google+ page in under 5 minutes. That means you could vastly improve your online web presence and open up greater networking opportunities in just that short amount of time.

Take 5 minutes out of your day to set up a company Google+ page and gain an advantage over competitors if they aren’t using Google+; an advantage that won’t cost a penny, just minutes out of your day. Taking this short time out of your day to stay ahead of the curve will provide better search rankings in return.

Reputation Management

Setting up an established online web presence on all social media allows you to present a recognised, authoritative representation of your brand. This in turn lessens the risk of unauthorised persons posing as your brand on social media; which could be damaging to your online reputation.

Create a strong brand presence and increase genuine company client interaction to boost your company’s reputation management drive.

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