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Bing Agrees Deal with Yelp to Boost Local Content

Bing Agrees Deal with Yelp to Boost Local Content

Yelp has announced an agreement with Bing, in which the former’s reviews and information will be integrated into the search engine results from Bing Local Pages.

In the press statement released by Yelp on 14 June, the user reviews and recommendations network explained that: "Yelp will surface content including review snippets, photos, business attributes, and more, to Bing users in the US".

As made explicit within the announcement, only US markets will enjoy the change in the immediate, with the content to appear on Bing Local pages, and branded as being “powered by Yelp”. This represents a deeper integration and partnership than what’s generally available to third parties through the standard Yelp API.

Many believe that this new alliance is the result of the recent activity at Google wherein Zagat ratings were integrated into Google+ Local pages, along with even more recent announcements concerning the incorporation of Apple and Yelp.

On the whole, it represents a period of great activity and great news for Yelp, and the company is likely to enjoy a boost in the value of its stock.

Bing is also increasingly active in improving the user experience of their search engine, having also recently introduced the Bing ‘Snapshot’, an area of rich, informative content resting to the right of the main search results area on the first page of search results. Depending on the nature of the search, the Bing ‘Snapshot’ features reviews, maps, image links and more.

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