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How to Optimise the Traffic Generated by your Great Keyword Rich Content

How to Optimise the Traffic Generated by your Great Keyword Rich Content

Writing the best possible online content is really only part of the process in order to really optimise the traffic directed to your site. Promoting that content can be every bit as important. After all, how can anybody benefit from your work if nobody knows that it is there?

Promoting your content is a necessary part of the process and is far from a single-pronged attack. It is necessary to promote your content via as many avenues as possible. But in order to do so, you’ll need to know what the methods of promoting your content are.

To successfully promote your content and generate as much interest as possible, your company could benefit from the simple techniques which follow.

Make Content Easy to Access

If you are regularly updating a blog or other form of online content, you need your target demographic to benefit from it. The generally accepted why to do so is by having them subscribe to content and receive notifications when new material goes live.

Ways to do so include featuring a RSS button, or ‘Subscribe’ button with the blog. It is also equally important to ensure that material is mobile friendly, due to the high number of consumers who access the internet using smart phones and other devices.

Build Links with Authority

The world’s most popular blogging platforms track ‘pingbacks’ in order to alert the blogger when their content is referenced by another source. This means that when you link to relevant authoritative material from your blog, they will be aware of it.

Building a relationship with authoritative entities such as this can help your blog to benefit from the site’s increased audience.

Promote the Content to the People you Know

It is often the case that we try so hard to increase traffic via elusive internet users that we neglect the opportunity to optimise the interest from the people we know. Tell friends and relatives and colleagues and social media connections and anyone else who’ll listen about your great new content.

With any luck they won’t just visit the site, they’ll tell their own friend, relatives, colleagues and social media peers about the content too. It is the most rudimentary way to drum up interest in your site, but should not be ignored as part of a wider promotions effort.

Allow Others to Contribute to the Blog

When another contributes to your blog you benefit from more than the content produced. This person also represents a real asset in generating more traffic, because these writers want their work to be seen and encourage their friends and relatives to visit the site.

It is another example of the ways in which a constructive and collaborative approach to promotions can allow you to reap greater benefits in the generation of traffic. But it is possible to go further.

Communicate with the Community via Social Media

Social networking is powerful communications tool, but with so many social media sites it is important to do your homework. Find out where your target demographic interact with their peers most, and find out the sort of content they share and the sort of ways in which they communicate.

Each area of the online community is different, and while it is important not to limit oneself to a single means of promotion, it is also important to focus your time and energy on ways to reach the right audience.

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