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Facebook Integrated onto More Homepages than Twitter and Google+ Combined

Facebook Integrated onto More Homepages than Twitter and Google+ Combined

New research of the top 10,000 websites on the internet has revealed that Facebook is integrated on to more homepages than Twitter and Google+ combined. The findings, based upon research carried out by Pingdom, shows that a much greater percentage of sites link to Facebook via their homepage than any other social media entity.

24.3% of the net’s leading websites have official Facebook integration on their homepage, and if you include all other links to Facebook, almost half of these top home pages offer links to the social networking giant. 7.3% also make use of the official Facebook ‘Like’ button.

The findings prove that when it comes to the biggest and most heavily trafficked sites in the world, Facebook dominates both official integration and other homepage links.

Perhaps surprisingly, however, it is Google+ and not micro-blogging site Twitter that currently sits in second place for official integration to the top sites. 10% of these sites have an official Twitter widget on their homepage, while 13.3% display the Google+1 button or ‘Share’ widget. This is still a considerable drop from Facebook’s 24.3%, but represents a massive leap when compared to 0.6% home page integration for professional social media site LinkedIn.

But aside from official widgets and functionality, site’s use a number of links and techniques to redirect users back to their social media presence. When all links, and not just official integration is taken into account, it is Twitter which represents the biggest threat to Facebook’s first position, still asserting their greater popularity over Google+. Again, all three sites dwarf the representation of fourth placed LinkedIn.

Andy Redfern, Director of HitSearch said: "Whilst Google+ is relatively young compared to Facebook and Twitter, is has enjoyed instant popularity in terms of homepage integration with the top 10,000.

"Facebook remains the most popular social network and thus the one through which it is most important for a company to reach out to their consumer demographic, but the key to the most successful marketing and social media campaign is to connect to users and potential customers through multiple social means. Reaching the greatest amount of people means generating more business."

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