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Twitter to Introduce Promoted Tweets in a Further 50 Countries

Twitter to Introduce Promoted Tweets in a Further 50 Countries

Twitter will roll out the promoted tweets function in 50 more countries as it continues to expand is advertising activity and generate more revenue, outside of the US.

The move was revealed by Twitter execs at a festival in Cannes, France on Thursday morning, and will include increased activity in Latin America, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the Caribbean. Promoted ads are already live and active in the US, UK and Japan.

The promoted ads suite includes promoted tweets, from paid advertisers, promoted trends and promoted accounts. The increased activity is expected to bring in more than $250 million in ad revenue this year, since 90% of the site’s current ad revenue comes from US companies alone.

Twitter remains different to many web publishers since the site does not generate the majority of its ad revenue from display advertising. Instead, advertisements are integrated into the site’s core features, taking the form of trending topics and tweets, barely distinguishable from legitimate non promoted activity. This activity has seemingly been imitated by Facebook through the recently introduced Sponsored Stories introduction.

UK newspaper The Guardian reported that Twitter CEO Dick Costolo took to the festival stage to report that 60% of Twitter users access the micro-blogging service via mobile, and went on to explain that mobile revenue is able to exceed non-mobile revenue on certain days.

With regards a future, Facebook-style IPO, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey said "The company has always put itself in a position to choose when it is ready [to IPO or be acquired]. We do things when we are ready. We have a good understanding about pacing and have the discipline to make the choices ourselves"

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