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Google Reduces Cost of Google Maps API by 88%

Google Reduces Cost of Google Maps API by 88%

Just weeks after Apple announced that it would drop Google Maps software from its latest mobile operating system, iOS6, Google has slashed the cost of the Google Maps API by 88%.

High traffic websites and web services will benefit from mammoth savings when embedding Google maps on their own websites and services through the Google Maps Application Programming Interface or API.

The move comes after several websites and businesses defected from the Google Maps API, the most significantly Apple, who revealed their decision when unveiling the iOS6 mobile operating system, at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

The Apple operating system which will run for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices will include its own mapping software, complete with a high quality 3D mode.

Google Maps will introduce its own improved 3D presentation mapping and both companies have courted controversy by contracting fleets of aircraft to take aerial photographs; much to the distaste of privacy campaigners.

It is the latest chapter in the war mapping war between Google and Apple.

Last October, Google revealed new limits to Google Maps usage, with product manager Thor Mitchell saying "We need to secure its long-term future by ensuring that even when used by the highest volume for-profit sites, the service remains viable."

Now Mitchell has announced the massive reduction in cost, just says before the developer orientated Google I/O show.

Andrew Redfern, Director of HitSearch said: "This really heats up the competition for leading map interface, with Google looking to drive business from other suppliers through such a dramatic reduction. It should be an interesting year ahead."

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