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Google will Unveil Android Tablet at Developer conference

Google will Unveil Android Tablet at Developer conference

Google will open its annual developer conference by announcing its first tablet computer. That is the opinion of many industry insiders.

Rumours have gathered strength since an Australian gadget news site claimed to have seen the specifications of a 7-inch Google tablet. It claimed the search engine giant would unveil the new tech during the forthcoming three day developer conference in San Francisco, the Google I/O.

The site also claimed that the Google Android tablet would sell for less than $200.00, in order to compete with the recently unveiled Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet.

Many believe that Google will launch the Google tablet in California, in order to show their manufacturing contemporaries the potential of an Android tablet, and have likened the process to the introduction of the Nexus series of smart phones.

However, Google has not yet confirmed any such announcements in the build up to the Google I/O conference. Two keynote speeches will be carried out and both will be streamed live via the web, along with a host of the other sessions which take place throughout the event.

More than 5,000 developers are expected to attend the conference for latest insider information from Google, including more on the Penguin and Panda updates, plus an array of technical tuition from experience engineers.

HitSearch director Andrew Redfern said: "From a pure business point of view Google has to launch an Android tablet if it does not want to lose market share to Apple and the iPad. The significance of the tablet being launched at a developer conference should not be lost. The Google Android platform is a proven growth area for canny applications developers, frustrated by the time and framework constraints of Apple mobile platforms.

"If Google does makes its announcement then expect Google to name a price that is significantly lower than iPad, and to push the tablet as ‘gaming friendly’"

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