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Google Launches Chrome Web Browser for iPhone and iPad

Google Launches Chrome Web Browser for iPhone and iPad

Popular web browser Google Chrome will now be available for iPad and iPhone, as Google launches Chrome for iOS.

The browser will synchronise with desktop versions of Chrome, in order to share tabs, internet history and passwords, but will not have access to the Apple technology used for Apple’s built in browser, Safari. This browser will remain the default on all Apple products.

Available as a free download, Google Chrome will run on devices boasting iOS 4.3 or later. The current version of the software is 5.1.1 with iOS 6 expected before the end of 2012.

The number of browsers currently operational on iPhone and iPad is fairly limited. While Opera offers the iOS web browser Opera Mini, neither Internet Explorer or Firefox are available on the devices.

At the Google I/O in San Francisco this week, the search engine giant claimed that Chrome now has 310 million active users. This represents a massive increase from 70 million users two years ago and 160 million users last year.

In other news, the company announced that the increasingly popular word processor Google Docs would now be available for offline use. This is just one step forward in the company’s efforts to challenge Microsoft Office in commercial and domestic usage.

HitSearch director Andy Redfern commented: "Safari has been the de-facto browser within Apple mobile products since the launch of the iPhone. Google is trying to move small amounts of market share away from Apple in whatever form it can. This small move is a signal of a larger battle."

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