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Update for Twitter Smartphone App Offers Expanded Tweets, Branded Hashtags and Push Notifications

After updating their main site with a host of service improving changes, the micro-blogging network Twitter will update the accompanying app for smartphone users, and offer many of the same alterations as the original site.

Twitter will improve the user experience, via iPhone and Android, with updates which reflect the latest raft of changes to the larger site, including expanded tweeting, pages for branded hashtags and long awaited push notifications.

Expanded tweets were introduced to the main site earlier in 2012, to be used by select partners of the site such as the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. An expanded tweet contains a preview of the content linked within a tweet. Since then, a number of further, and more diverse, media sources have been added to the service and the latest app for iPhone and Android Twitter uses will allow them access to these tweets too.

They will also be granted access to branded hashtag pages. Introduced in partnership with NASCAR, promoted on television, and expanded to other partners since, a Twitter hashtag page will feature a banner of the top subject-related images, a stream of related tweets and a box containing the Twitter accounts of people to follow who are involved with the subject.

The hashtag page will produce more high quality, relevant content on a subject than a simple, real-time hashtag search would do. Now these pages will be available to Twitter’s mobile user demographic.

Another element of the update which many had expected is the introduction of push notifications, so that users will receive an alert to their iPhone or Android every time one of their favourite Twitter users sends a new Tweet. Push notifications are a commonplace service with mobile apps, and will improve the Twitter smart phone service.

HitSearch Director Andy Redfern commented "With these updates Twitter is trying all it can to achieve two goals. Firstly, it is aiming to become the go-to app for tweets rather than people relying on 3rd party mobile applications. Secondly, Twitter is doing all it can to monetise its content. This latest update looks to tick both boxes. Expect Twitter’s focus to be more on mobile in the coming months."


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