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Andrew Redfern

Facebook Introduces Brand New Calendar View

The latest Facebook update features a redesigned events page with a new viewing mode: the social calendar, complete with list and day view.

The result of a Facebook hackathon project, the new format allows Facebook users to view their events page as a calendar, for a much more organic and useful way of planning their social time. With the social calendar, organising and following events will be easier to take care of. Users will be able to see forthcoming events on the calendar months before the event takes place.

Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin said: "Today we announce a new list and calendar view that makes it easier to scan upcoming birthdays, invites and suggested events.

"Scroll through these events and respond to invites without leaving the page. Suggested events are recommended to you based on your friends, Pages you like, places you've checked in at and the apps you use on Facebook."

Photographs, videos and posts which relate to an event are added to the users calendar for the most organic and informative way of managing your time. The events calendar also updates to the current date rather than showing the traditional 31 day standard.

In his post, Baldwin goes on to explain that before the aforementioned hackathon, a Facebook group was created to drum up ideas for making the events page more visual, along with ways to improve the user experience.

"Before a recent hackathon, a few of us created a Facebook group called "Social Calendar Dreamers" to spark discussion around making Events more visual," said Baldwin. "At the next hackathon, engineers from the events, photos, messages and other teams hacked through the night to build a better way to view events. By 6 a.m., we had a prototype that worked."

All you have to do to find your calendar view for events is click on the calendar tab in the top left hand corner of the events dashboard.

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