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Old Version of Google Analytics to be Retired Tomorrow

Google has announced that the old version of its Analytics web tool will be retired as of tomorrow (19/07/2012).

A new version of Google Analytics, which focuses on producing real-time results, was launched last September, but a link to the old version was kept at the bottom of the page for those who preferred the more traditional Analytics. Google has announced that this link will now be removed permanently.

The most prominent feature of the new Google Analytics is the introduction of real-time features, which allow users to see what's happening on their site as it happens. This is designed to be particularly effective in gauging the immediate impact of advertising campaigns.

Other innovative features on the new version of Google Analytics include Social Reports, which allows users to monitor the effectiveness of their social media campaigns, and Mobile Reports, showing how visitors using mobile devices engage with your website.

Director of Engineering for Google Analytics, Paul Muret, wrote in a company blog post: "The new version has been completely rebuilt on a more powerful platform that lets us move faster and develop more amazing features.

"We have received some really great feedback over the last year on what's working and what's not; we've been listening very closely and doing our best to incorporate the feedback and ideas."


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