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Simple Ways to Improve SEO

There are a number of techniques for improving your websites search engine optimisation, and while the rules and best practice guidelines are frequently in flux. Now more so than ever, it seems that the core techniques for ensuring successful search performance stay the same.

Here, you’ll find some tips and techniques concerning SEO. Try them out and give your website the competitive edge when it comes to search rankings. Remember to ensure that your homepage is fully optimised, and the most important secondary pages on the site are easily recognisable and accessible from the homepage so as to be picked up by the all important search engine crawlers.

It is important to ensure that your website loads quickly. This is an important element in determining search rank and will also prevent a number of potential visitors from bouncing away from the site too soon. Try to keep image file size within a workable capacity and avoid an abundance of animated elements. Using Youtube or Vimeo to host video on the page also removes the burden of the load.

Always include a sitemap. This provides search engines (and visitors) with an overview of the website and how pages are linked together.

Search engines favour fresh, new original content on sites. For this reason, a blog is incredibly useful since a blog can be quickly and regularly updated and target new keyword phrases.

Ensure that your web pages have clearly defined headings in the HTML header tags, and wherever possible some keyword rich text that is original to the page.

It is more important now, since the Google Panda update and Google Penguin update to exercise caution with external links. Websites which link to suspicious sites or websites lacking in quality are likely to be penalised and lose their ranking.

Links from a high quality sites can still offer a great SEO benefit, and if they can be negotiated they can be tremendously important in increasing your ranking.

Establishing businesses of any size on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook (and linking these pages to your site) is another way to engage a greater number of people and create authoritative links to the site. Social media sites allow you to create fresh, frequent content and encourage users to share it with their connections, doing much of your online marketing on your behalf.

If you can do it right, social media can greatly improve activity on the site and greater traffic means a more favourable ranking.


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