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Google Voice Search App for Apple Gadgets Updated to Use Google Knowledge Graph

Google has announced an update for its voice activated search app, designed for Apple iPhones and iPads, in order to ensure that the software does a better job of providing people with that they need when they talk to it.

By incorporating the new Google Knowledge Graph into the application, the search leaders believe that users will find the information that they’re looking for.

Google Knowledge Graph is a database of culture and concepts, used to determine the context of the keyphrases entered, since the same few search words can represent. The Knowledge Graph algorithm maps the connections between facts, concepts and ideas in order to determine what a search is really looking for.

The latest version of the Google voice app will also speak results back to users wherever possible instead of providing them with just a list of results to scroll through.

Importantly, the update gives the app the same functionality as the rival voice powered search engine on the Google Android Jelly Bean version. Also importantly, the app will work on more Apple devices than Siri, the Apple owned voice powered search engine which only operated on the iPhone 4S.

Google also recently unveiled plans to include search results from other Google owned products, such as a user’s Gmail inbox. A trial of this process is currently underway and Google users can sign up to take part.


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