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Google Announces Changes to Search to Combat Pirated Content

Search giant Google has announced further search engine changes in a bid to discourage piracy. This involves placing quality, copyrighted content higher within search rankings than pirated material.

These changes will apply as early as next week. New algorithms will push potentially pirated content down the rankings list, the company explained via its official blog.

The move has been a high priority for some time, particularly with entertainment companies who have sought to make it harder for internet users to find pirated material. With the new system, Google can issue removal notices and these companies can log complaints, regarding the presence of pirated material within search results. The Hollywood community has welcomed the move.

Michael O’Leary, MPAA senior executive vice president said in a statement: "We are optimistic that Google’s actions will help steer consumers to the myriad legitimate ways for them to access movies and TV shows online".

But Google senior vice president for engineering, Amit Singhal, also revealed that a drop in rankings would not represent a conclusion that copyright had definitively been infringed upon.

"So while this new signal will influence the ranking of some search results, we won’t be removing any pages from search results unless we receive a valid copyright removal notice from the rights owner," Singhal said.


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