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UK Broadband Speeds Up To 20 Per Cent Faster

The average broadband speed in the UK has risen by up to 20 per cent as more and more consumers switch to super-fast broadband lines.

Industry regulator Ofcom has released figures that show the average UK broadband speed is now around 9 megabits per second (Mbps), compared to an average of 6.8Mbps from last May.

Furthermore, it is thought that around eight per cent of UK homes now have access to so-called "super fast" broadband, which is defined as a connection that reaches speeds of up to 30Mbps or higher.

Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards said: "Our research shows that the move to faster broadband services is gathering momentum. Consumers are benefiting from network upgrades and the launch of new super-fast packages, giving them faster speeds and greater choice."

While "spending an extra £10 a month to get faster broadband is simply not a priority for most households" in the current economic climate according to Sebastien Lahtinen of broadband news site ThinkBroadband, some internet services providers have been offering free upgrade packages to their customers in order to boost broadband speeds.

BT have transferred many of their customers to the faster ADSL2+ technology, while Virgin Media began doubling the speed of its broadband connections in February, with its fastest package offering a top speed of up to 120Mbps.

The government has pledged to make the UK's broadband services amongst the fastest in Europe by 2015.


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