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Andrew Redfern

Adobe Withdraws Flash Player Support from Android Devices

Adobe has announced that it has withdrawn its Flash Player support for Android devices.

It emerged this week that the Flash Player plug-in app, which allows Android users to view multimedia content developed using Flash in a web browser, had been removed from the Google Play store.

Adobe claims it has withdrawn the Flash Player plug-in as it was likely to show signs of "unpredictable behaviour" when used with the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean.

However, the news has not sat well with Android users, if the comments left on the Google Play store are anything to go by. One user said that removing Flash support so soon was "commercial suicide", while another noted: "Seemingly half the web is still based on Flash, and my device is now powerless to view any of that content."

This news will come as something of an inconvenience for digital marketing campaigns that focus heavily on mobile, particularly app developers who may have structured their applications around the knowledge that Android phones would be able to support Flash. It will also serve as a massive problem for Android users, who may now find that a number of their apps are now obsolete.

Furthermore, many Android users commented that Flash support was the main reason they chose their devices instead of purchasing the more popular iPad, so this move may well skew the tablet market even more in Apple's favour.

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