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Google Accused of Paying Bloggers to Cover US Lawsuit with Oracle

Google has been ordered by a US judge to reveal its financial ties to online journalists and bloggers who may have influenced coverage of its patent lawsuit with Oracle.

Both Google and Oracle had been instructed to announce their financial ties, but Google has sought further legal guidance before revealing more specific details. Oracle has since revealed that it had relationships with Germany industry blogger Florian Mueller and Professor Paul Goldstein of Stanford University.

In a statement released on its website, Google said: “Neither Google nor its counsel has paid an author, journalist, commentator or blogger to report or comment on any issues in this case. And neither Google nor its counsel has been involved in any ‘quid pro quo’ in exchange for coverage of or articles about the issues in this case.”

Oracle has also rubbished claims it has paid media figures to cover the case, although Mueller revealed his own relationship with the firm back in April, and he has admitted to providing consultancy services to Oracle.

Speaking to the BBC, Mueller said: “All the information I received from Oracle itself was what the company uploaded to its website on each trial day. With the exception of the disclosure statement, Oracle never saw my posts, in whole or in part, before they went live.”

The two firms had been embroiled in a court battle relating to Oracle’s claim that Google had used some of its patented technologies in the Android mobile operating system, with Oracle seeking around $1bn in compensation from Google.

The judge in the case dismissed Oracle’s copyright claim, while a judge ruled in Google’s favour, saying that the patents involved had not been breached. Oracle has since announced that it would “vigorously appeal” against the decisions.


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