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Andrew Redfern

Content Takedown Requests Made to Google Doubles to 1.5m Per Week

Google receives more than 1.5m takedown requests from content rights holders, in transparency report figures that have doubled since the previous month.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, states that the owners of copyrighted content have the right to demand that links which point to content that infringes this copyright be taken down. These copyright holders can request that content which infringes their rights be removed from Google search results; and now more people than ever before are doing so.

The number of content takedown requests made in the past month has doubled with around 1.5m URL’s attacked per week. Over the same period last year, the amount of these actions stood at around 131,577 per week. But over the month this time around the figures were significantly higher. In total, Google fielded around 5.7m requests over this period, from rights holders and anti-piracy bodies.

The Google Transparency Report began publishing this year and updates continually. It contains figures which reveal the number of requests it receives, the source and the number of requests that it approves and follows through with, by removing the offending link.

Figures showed that the number of requests by the UK government for access to Google user’s private data had increased by 25% on the year.

HitSearch Director Andy Redfern commented "Google has outlined recently that websites with multiple complaints of Digital copyright infringement will perform worse in the search engine listings. The sheer weight of complaints that have arisen may well be a result of the recent Google press release."

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